Beauty of Greek Goddesses

Legends about the beauty of Greek goddesses spreads millennia. Looks like the same amount of time humanity is trying to solve the mystery of unfading their youth. There are historians who say that the goddesses were far from attractive, especially in view of modern trendsetters eyes.

Others, on the contrary, believes that the Goddesses – all-time beauty standards, which represent the most perfect women’s appearance and manners. Thirds say that the goddesses – women having supernatural power, who like the mortal beautiful women could not live without cosmetics. Greek myths and legends say that goddesses guarded their beauty elixirs recipes as their divinity, because if mortal women would tasted their recipes, they would become equal to Goddesses not only by beauty, but also by manners.

Legends says that the Greek goddesses nourished their porcelain skin, hair, lips, hands and used a variety of oil, pearl dust, honey and lemon juice.¬† It appears that the goddesses was very smart and were able to take full advantage of nature’s gifts to cherish their youth and beauty. They used only natural remedies that help preserve the beauty. In their cosmetic purse between necklaces and Hephaestus minted crowns have always been natural coconut, argan oil, pearl dust, honey, oil and water cleanser, rose, lavender, verbena products.

The ancient Greek works are full of descriptions of the measures which the goddesses used for their beauty. Still, the only currently approved beauty recipe of goddesses – natural remedies, natural, long-lasting cosmetics brings us closest to the beauty secrets of goddesses.

For their rituals of beauty Goddesses widely used such as pearl dust, olive oil for their body skin and hair, and they used not only organic olive oil, but also cream of olive leaf and oil. Honey Goddesses used for scrub and for rinse-off cream. G.reek legends mention of honey baths. For the lips and cheeks they used berries and for the eyebrows and eyelashes Рseaweed. As a blusher goddesses used a pollen, pearl dust. For the eyes highlighting Рcoal or blackberry juice.