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Are Solar Roofing Tiles Worth It?

Also known as roof shingles, solar tiles are an alternative to solar panels. They resemble ordinary roof tiles, but they have a layer of photovoltaic cells. The cells work to turn sunlight into electricity. It is important to clean and maintain the tiles to achieve maximum efficiency. In addition, use solar tiles that are arranged next to each other. Overlapping may prevent shadowed areas from receiving sunlight.

They Are Effective

Solar power works with an existing power grid to keep your home lit even when the sun isn’t shining. If you produce more power, you can save it in the grid for future use. It is also possible to use solar tiles even in northern latitudes, as they do not require direct sunlight to produce electricity.

Aesthetically Good

Unlike solar panels, solar tiles blend into the building’s aesthetic more than solar panels do. These tiles have an excellent interlocking system and blend perfectly with the existing tiles. In addition, since they come in different styles and sizes, they can complement almost any type of house.

They Are Durable

Solar roofing tiles have a 30-year life expectancy. Most of these tiles are designed in a simple way that you can replace them easily. Solar tiles also ensure that roof products and insulation produce enough electricity. Before reaching out to a solar tile company, ensure it offers installation help and a warranty.


Solar shingles are more aesthetically pleasing and look like a standard rooftop because they can be integrated with existing tiles and blend in well. They are available in various designs and styles that mimic ceramic tiles.

Value For Money

Solar roofing adds value to a property. The initial investment, which is lower for installing roof tiles than for purchasing solar panels, can be recouped later in reduced electricity and heating costs or when selling the house. Many governments also offer rebates for solar roof tiles.

Easy To Install

Installing solar shingles is simple and hassle-free. However, make sure you consult a certified roof professional. In addition, you will also need an electrician to fix the electrical system. In most cases, they install an inverter to convert electrical current to A/C power.

Cost Saving

Electricity bills are high in most households. Some use it for heating, cooling, and lighting. The house becomes an electricity generator with solar tiles, alleviating the ever-increasing electricity bills.


Unlike solar panels, solar tiles don’t produce heat. So, there are no greenhouse gases emitted, thus making the solar roof tiles an eco-friendly energy source. Going green is many benefits, so people should embrace the trend.


Solar tiles can withstand heavy snow, wind, or hail when installed properly. The tiles can also be used in private and commercial properties.

Solar shingles are versatile and easy to install. So, incorporating them with common asphalt shingles may not be visible, and you can barely tell one from another. In addition, solar tiles are cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly. Take time to select the right company that will ensure you get the best appearance of your house.