6 Essential Features of Perfect Mobile Accessories Boxes

Many mobile accessories brands and retailers are under the impression that buyers make rational, informed decisions. As a result, they end up developing poorly conceived mobile accessories boxes.

Several eye-tracking studies have revealed that buyers barely read seven words during their entire shopping trip. Why? They buy intuitively by shape, color, and familiarity with the location. So, best product sellers aim to grasp their attention by designing appealing boxes, which captures their minds before logic has a chance.

With the average superstore in the United States displays roughly 42,000 different products, it’s more important than ever to carve wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes that allow your product to stand out in the crowded market space. This means you must choose a packaging design that can promote your products and ensure healthy sales volumes.

To help you develop effective mobile accessories boxes design, here we have charted out six essential features of perfect mobile accessories boxes you must consider:

  1. Capture Buyers Attention

An eye-catching box is the first possibility to attract your potential customers. It’s the beginning to create an exceptional customer experience with the product. It should be appealing enough to encourage customers to take a selfie with it and share it online. But, it doesn’t mean your custom mobile accessories boxes should be extremely vibrant or extravagant.

Even a simple or minimalist design can work wonders for your business. For example, iPhone’s simple white box is visually so appealing that make buyers fell in love with it and force competitors to create similar boxes. The reason?

In an exhausting and visually agitated market, customers rarely get to experience calm moments and extroverted joy by seeing an uncluttered design that they gravitate towards. iPhone’s packaging is one such example that’s both creative and unpretentious. Yet, the unadorned packaging manages to dazzle buyers with its simplicity.

  1. Protects Product from Inside-Out

The sturdy custom mobile packaging boxes secure your product against external hazards. Apparently, it should be a fundamental feature of packaging. Right?

Yes, because nobody wants to pay for a broken or damaged product. Likewise, no retailer or brand would want to re-ship the same product over and over again. Because reshipping increases their costs and ruins the reputation as well.

Thus, it’s crucial to know the exact size and weight of the product before designing a box, so you can get it right the first time and leave a lasting impression on customers. Above all, design an appropriate box for your mobile accessories which makes them look as good as they feel.

  1. Makes it Easy to Access Products

A functional packaging solution is one that doesn’t overlook the idea of practicality. It should be designed exactly the way customers are expected to use the encased product. This can only happen when your packaging is designed by keeping various aspects of functionality in mind, such as size, style, and storage capacity.

Of course, there are packages with unusual shapes and designs, but they are often created at the expense of functionality. As a result, customers get to experience wrap rage, a common phenomenon for heightened levels of frustration that stems from the inability to open a package.

That’s why people love easy-to-open product packages. Make sure you build packaging boxes that create a positive impact of the brand than infuriating people.

  1. Create Maximum Shelf Impact

For just about any mobile accessory that is displayed in the outlets, there are countless options for customers to choose from. An item that grasps customers’ attention because of its uniqueness naturally sways shoppers to learn more about it. And such products often tend to see better sales. Being a mobile accessories manufacturer you must look for ways to add such an appeal to your products.

Make your product a customers’ signpost. Covering the retail rack or yelling louder than competing products won’t cut it. You need to put them at an angle that draws a potential customer’s eye and convey the unique selling proposition.

  1. Go Green or Go Home

With more consumers becoming environmentally conscious, smart business owners recognize it is also affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. Using eco-friendly packaging, therefore, should be on your to-do list. Else, you won’t be able to attract such consumers.

Failing to attract your audience means losing brand appeal and sales to your competitors. However, using green packaging can help you register higher sales volumes and lure a huge base of loyal customers who prefer to buy from brands that are socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

  1. Economical Packaging Solution

The other characteristic of good custom mobile accessories boxes is to be affordable. Yup! Using custom packaging doesn’t mean it should be expensive. Else, your packaging cost will greatly increase the price of the end product. This would take away the competitive edge and the worst part is it will become extremely challenging to sell the accessories.

So, make sure your packaging shouldn’t be costly or clumsy. An ideal way is to hire a packaging firm that is endorsed by several customers. A quick search on Sergey Brin’s Google can reveal to you what customers are saying about a particular packaging firm. For example, you can find tons of customer reviews regarding The Legacy Printing over the internet that can help you make an informed decision.