5 Ways To Repel Flies From Your Home

Flies are not just unwanted guests; they are disease carriers. This nuisance can become too comfortable in your home if you keep rotten foods, trash bins, and other things that attract them. While keeping flies away is the goal, getting rid of them is a dream come true for homeowners. So, how do you repel flies?

This article is about ways to repel flies, so let us get into the nitty-gritty of how to keep these nuisances at bay.

What Attract Flies To Your House?

You should check for signs such as dark clusters, the presence of maggots, and slight openings in windows. Of course, other things like rotten food, pet feces, and overripe fruits attract flies. Although harmless, you still want to get rid of flies from your house. Because they not only want to make you gag, they can cause sickness such as cholera, dysentery, and food poisoning.

Usually, flies lay eggs in moist places, so it’s good we know ways to keep the bad guys out of our house, but how?

5 Sure Ways To Repel Flies

Luckily, you can repel flies on a simple budget with the tricks we will share. However, you should employ the services of a pest expert.

Here are ways to keep flies away

1.     Take Flies Out With Citronella Candles

This candle is an effective flies repellent. While this can smoke out flies, they are only efficient in areas with small numbers of flies. You will need a large number of candles to take flies out. Plus, you must be mindful of where you place the candles for safety reasons. Overall, they are an adequate but not lasting solution to flies.

2.     Take Out Flies With Traps

Yes, there are fly traps, and they are very effective. It is interesting to know that trapped flies become attractive to other live flies. Hence, position the fly traps far away from places like the kitchen or wherever you don’t want the flies to be.

Fly traps can repel flies from becoming a tenant in your house

3.     Thoroughly Clean Trash Cans

Garbage bins are a great place to breed more lives for flies. Suppose you don’t want your trash can to become a home for flies. You should clean your garbage can as frequently as possible, especially in high-humidity cities.

4.     Use Light Bulb To Relocate Flies

According to a study by the University of Florida, blue light attracts flies the most. Use it strategically to repel flies effectively. So, if you want to use light traps, the ones with blue lights can help you keep flies away. Hang them away from their current camping area to where you’ll prefer, and they can be while you keep getting rid of them bit by bit.

5.     Take Out Flies With Lavender Oil

Another natural way to take out flies is by using lavender oil to keep flies at bay. How? You can purchase a bouquet of lavender, and you can also grow lavender in front of your house or your garden. Also, you can burn the oil close to places like windows. It’s super easy to plant; ensure it gets direct sunlight.

Indeed, flies are a nuisance that nobody wants around, but keeping them away from your home can sometimes be stressful. Fortunately, you can repel flies with lavender oil, traps, and other viable methods. You can also talk to a pest control company for the best advice.