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5 Essential Products Every Convenience Store Should Sell

Customers often visit a convenience store looking for a specific product. Make sure your store is stocked with these popular and profitable essentials so that your customers leave happy.


Coffee is a must-have for your customers. Whether they’re on their way to work or making a pit stop during a long drive, your customers will appreciate a fresh cup of coffee. Ideally, your selection should include both hot and iced coffee. Consider offering tea as well for customers who prefer it.

Fast Foods

While many people stop at a convenience store for snacks, some will be looking for something more filling. In situations like these, it’s good to have more substantial food items available. Consider items that are easy to eat on the go, such as hot dogs, sandwiches, and pizza. Don’t forget the breakfast sandwiches; many customers will happily grab one to enjoy with their morning coffee.

Alcoholic Beverages

A quality beer selection can set you apart from your competitors. Try including a few local craft beers along with the major brands, and consider adding a walk-in cooler to provide better access to your selection. A company that specializes in convenience store construction Tennessee can help you build a beer section that will keep your customers coming back.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Travelers who stop at a convenience store looking for light refreshments will usually want something to drink. Bottled drinks are great, but fountain drinks will offer a better profit margin. Be sure to keep your coolers stocked so customers can always grab an ice-cold drink.

Health and Beauty Items

A selection of toiletries and over-the-counter medication can be a huge help to customers. Perhaps they forgot to pack a toothbrush, came down with a sudden headache, or realized the toilet paper was all gone after the grocery store had already closed. In any case, people will be relieved to find that you stock the health and beauty products they need.

Keep your store stocked with the products your customers are looking for, and your business will thrive.