3 Exciting Home Technology Trends To Try Today

In the years following the rise of the internet, home technology has continued to advance faster than ever. Trending tech has allowed people to feel safer, connect more, and do household chores with ease. Communication technology like the phone service in this article has made it easy and affordable to stay in touch, while outdoor wireless cameras and virtual doorbells have allowed people to monitor their homes from anywhere. Here are three more trends that you can try today.

1. Robot Vacuums and Mops

Since the invention of the Roomba, the first commercially successful robot vacuum, robot housekeepers have come a long way. Robot vacuums today can mop, navigate obstacles with ease, and automatically empty themselves so they can go even longer without human intervention. Anyone with a pet can tell you cleaning up hair, dirt, litter, and other debris can become a full-time job. If sweeping and mopping are some of your least favorite chores, consider adding a robot helper to your house.

2. Smart Locks

Smart locks are now available with keypads, fingerprint technology, and other features that make your home more secure and more convenient at once. There are even locks that open automatically with your smartwatch. Instead of leaving a key under a rock, doormat, or in a traditional lockbox, you can let people in from your smartphone no matter where you are. There is no need to fumble with your keys when your lock can sense you’re home as soon as you arrive.

3. Smart Lighting

Smart lights were one of the first popular smart home devices, and as they have gained more popularity, more options have become available. The first smart bulbs were used in lamps or light fixtures and were pretty expensive to purchase. Now, there are more budget-friendly white lightbulbs available, as well as all kinds of decorative lights you can connect to your smart hub. Now, you can also replace your ceiling lights and outdoor lights with intelligent alternatives.

With some of the innovations above, you can transform your living space and control much of your home’s functions from across the world. With smart lighting, you can make it appear you are home even when you’re traveling. With smart locks, you don’t have to worry about searching for your keys while bringing in the groceries. Smart homes are becoming more and more affordable, meaning you may be able to implement more features than you previously thought.