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3 Disturbing Facts About Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is on the rise. The EPA estimates that only 25% of the world’s unwanted electronics are properly recycled. This is quickly becoming a major problem for humans and animals across the globe.

Electronic recycling is a great way to ensure your outdated or broken electronics are properly destroyed. In many cases, materials within your computers and cell phones, such as metals and glass, can be used again in future products.

1. Electronics Leach Chemicals Into the Ground.

Technology often contains hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury and chromium. In fact, it’s estimated that one color TV screen contains up to eight pounds of lead. If this monitor is disposed in a landfill instead of recycled, the lead within can leak into the ground and potentially pollute the groundwater consumed by humans and animals.

When you choose to recycle, that same monitor will be completely deconstructed, and the hazardous substances will be disposed of properly.

2. Only 15% Of Electronic Gold Is Recovered.

You may not realize it, but your phone and laptop likely contains precious metals such as gold and copper. These are finite resources that are both valuable and reusable. Unfortunately, only about 15% of the gold contained in “e-waste” is recovered. The rest is lost in the sea of a landfill. This is deeply unfortunate, since these precious metals could be used again for new electronic devices.

3. Electronic Waste Is a Growing Problem.

As our desire for newer and more exciting electronics persists, so will the problem of excess electronic waste. Electronics are now obsolete quicker than ever before, and the trend is showing no signs of stopping.

There is good news, though: proper recycling can ensure that this waste is minimized. The EPA estimates that recycling a million computers would be the equivalent of powering electric to over three thousand homes.

New technology is exciting, but it’s important to consider how you will dispose of your old items. Responsible recycling is a great way to minimize the negative impact that technology waste has on the planet.