Marketing is different
Can you guess which marketing i am talking about. This is not the term marketing we use while going to shopping. Though we use this cliche in our daily life but this is not the right way to use the word. Especially this is an insult to the marketing majors. Let forget this, new come to look at the business arena. In some regions of the world the term marketing is used as the selling tasks. Some big corporations think that selling is all about Marketing. They failed to measure out the real essence of Marketing. On the other hand, corporations those released the Marketing in a true sense, are excelling in their area of expertise. Yes, there is no doubt that, selling is just a task of marketing. Marketing is owed to selling as well. But the thing is that, the term marketing is much more broad. Let alone the marketing, the emerging businesses are concerning more about now in branding. Branding is also a crucial part of marketing. Brand image, customization, brand loyalty etc are new terms those need to be prioritized in the face of heat in the business area.

Many companies put more emphasis in selling that other tools o the marketing are getting ignored. As a result those companies are lagging behind in the completion by the market leaders. So, time has come to rethink about the business by the owners of the big corporations to invest more on marketing. It will definitely pay off.

A large pool of qualified business graduates are now unemployed because companies are failing to realize importance of Marketing. If Marketing is properly used, then these graduates will get the opportunity to show their worth and that also benefit the companies undoubtedly.