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Life’s aim, Do you have one?

I’ve been busy these days with some personal work so I was not able to post some articles lately. But i always try to post articles everyday but last few days were exception . Lol. So now lets get started with our today’s topic, the aim of life


Today I’ve chosen the topic about “Aim”, I guess everyone of us have an aim in our mind that we want to achieve at any cost,whether it’s by hook or by crook.

Aim can be explained as a strong intention to achieve something. Everybody should have an aim in his life. A man without aim in life is merely a puppet controlled by circumstances.  Without aim a person  can never achieve success in his life.He may find many difficulties while achieving his aim,but giving u is not an option. The strong will is all we need to achieve our aim.

My life’s aim

I’ve already fixed the aim of my life. I want a good reputed government job and i would prefer a banking job.

Reasons to select this aim:

  • The first reason is that i am from a commerce background, though there are many options in the field but its my personal feeling that a job in banks is the most safest and respectful job and also with a good salary.
  • I would like a government job just for the fact of security,which business cannot offer. Though business can give a huge earning but it involves high risk, and when it’s the matter of our career, i think we should avoid beings in heavy risk.
  • I personally think that I am good at a job when it comes to accounting, which i think is my strongest skill when it comes to achieve my goal.But that is not enough for the job i need experience and need to polish my skills so that i can achieve my aim in life.

I should also admit my weakness that I overthink on matters which are not worth it, therefore breaking my concentration.

Well, that was a brief about my aim. What about you guys??

everyone  has an aim, right??





  1. Yogita

    Nice thought….go upwards and onwards creating new histories….u can even try out in ssc and other competitives one day exams too….they would also prove to beneficial towards ur carrier….making it bright ..

  2. nimish

    Yes, you are absolutely right. I will at least try out all of them to gain some experience and who knows maybe i can ass them. lOL

  3. Kristineponti

    Nice post. Its so inspiring.

  4. nimish

    yes, it’s good if i can can help people, even if it’s inspiring them

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