3 beauty habbits you must follow every morning!!

Hello friends!!How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!Good morning everyone!!Today I am going to discuss on the most important thing which is needed by everyone on the globe that is beauty. Beauty doesn’t only mean face beauty, it includes beauty of face along with good body shape, good health and beingfresh.So here I just want to share only 3 simple ways to beautify your skin as well as your health.I just hope that this will be helpful to all of you and its so easy that everyone will adopt it in their daily routine.
Here comes my beauty habbits which you must adopt in your daily routine.

1- Drinking a glass of water- We all know that drinking water is good for health. But drinking waterearly in the morning helps in manyways to your body. After a long night rest you need to rehydrate your body, so you should drink a glass full of water after waking up.If you don’t prefer plain water thenyou can add half lemon juice in it. Also you can drink warm water with honey into it. This helps in your digestive system. Also you can drink chilled water which will help in reducing the body metabolism.

2- Get moving- I think you all know what I am talking about. Yesits workouts. But I am not saying to go for a gym or jogging. After you got rehydrated you should go for yoga and meditation. Meditation helps you keep your mind sharp and calm. Yoga keeps you fresh and healty. Workouts helps you remain fit and beautiful always.You should also go for a morning walk if you want. This helps in good blood circulation and also boost up your mind.

3- Pamper your skin- After the workout go for a refreshing shower and rinse your skin throughly and then pat dry your skin with soft towel. Apply a good cream specially which contains Vitamin A, C and E. This will help your skin from the attack of free radicals. Also don’t forget to apply sunscreen before apply make up for the day.