Terms of Service

1. If you want to register with us and get a payment, you must be over 18 years.
2. One person can not open more than one account.
3. Multiple accounts from the same IP address can not be used.
4. If you register with us, you have to be agreed with our Terms of Service.
5. You should be agreeing with our Privacy Policy too.
6. It is your responsibility to review our Terms of Service regularly.
7. You will be notified for any types of amendment.
8. We share 90% of our revenue with users, which we get from our advertisers.
9. We reserve the rights to add or remove any types of program in our site.
10. We reserve the rights to make changes to our revenue sharing system at any time.
11. For the Revenue program your Posts should be unique, acceptable and good quality.
12.  The rules and regulations for posts:

– Minimum 280 words required to publish a Post.
– It is not allowed to publish more than 10 Articles per day.
– Posts should be unique, acceptable and good quality.
– Spin Articles and Articles written by Software are not allowed to publish.
– Articles should not be copied from other sites over the internet.
– Inserting hyperlinks within the post are not allowed without admin permission.
– You must have to use Featured Image and Tags in every post.
– Articles must be written in English language.
– False, illegal, pornographic and drug-related content are not allowed to publish in     our site.
– Post Contents with these types of Titles are not acceptable.
For example: Hello Everybody, Hi! Good Morning / Evening, What are you doing? My Skypip payment, My account history or something like this.
– Advertising/Affiliation related Posts are not permitted to publish without Admin authorization.
– Any Post which violates the copyright laws can not be published.
– You are not allowed to publish any Comment or Post about Skypip.com on this site. If you have any comments or questions message us on the support.

13. Payment Policy:
– We pay our users from our earned revenue.
– For any kinds of Rules violation, your payments may be cancelled and Payment Amount will be deducted from your account balance.
– You are able to send a Cash-out request when you’re Balance is $ 20.
– Payments will be cleared after 7 days from your Cash-out Date.
– We process payments twice in a month. 15th and 30th Date of every month.
– Payments are processed via PayPal.
– You can not request for receiving payments in other payment gateways.
– You can not receive payments of multiple accounts in one (same) PayPal account. Individual and verified PayPal account required to withdraw payments.
– You are responsible for any problems regarding your PayPal payments.

14. For any of the above mentioned rules violation you will be banned without notice.
You will not be given any chance to recover this Banned Account as well as its    money.
*No requests will be accepted in this regard.

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