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Poetry form: Ninette

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The Ninette, as the name pretty much implies, is a nine line poetry form.  The syllable count for each line is:

one, two, three, four, five, four, three, two, one

The first and last word of a Ninette poem can be either exactly the same, synonyms, or antonyms.

This form can be centered on the page, which makes a kind of “lantern” shape. Though not “traditional” my thought is that five Ninettes could be strung together to form a “crown” poem.


(Exact Word on both ends)



The Spirit

Different but

All three are equal

God the Spirit

Got the Son



© Stacey Uffelman 10/16/15



(Antonyms at each end)



Try your best

To win the race

Sure to pace yourself

Pass the others

You’ll make it

To the


© Stacey Uffelman 10/16/15

(Synonyms on each end)


Is an


Word in these days

But, the truest sense

Of the word “love”

Will always

Be this:


© Stacey Uffelman 10/16/15

Finally, though again, not “traditional”, here is a “crown Ninette” of three:



Not really

Anyone that

Would be considered special

But then one day

I met You;

You changed




Up out of

The darkness and

Brought me into light

When no one else

Could do so–




The world;

They may mock

And they may scorn;

If only they knew

And would accept

That Your death

Was for


© Stacey Uffelman 10/16/15

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the “crown” (which is “traditionally” five stanzas, but I figured that three was a  divisible of nine, so…) Ninette–to make each stanza with each different type of beginning and end, but the way it turned out, each stanza has an “Exact word at both ends” ending.  A  “crown Ninette” with each stanza having a different type of beginning/ending will be a challenge for another time, I suppose.

Thank you, Sky Pippers, for dropping by and checking out my post about the Ninette!  I hope that you poets out there will give this poetry form a try !

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    HI Stacey, I think you should make a book with all your poetry. The little tutorials and the sample are just phenomenal. You turn something intimidating as poetry writing into something fun and easy for all.

    • Well, thank you, Carlos. 🙂 I enjoy writing them, and I really appreciate your comment.


    Let’s just say my English teacher back in high school was not really that proud of me when it comes to these things. She really had a hard time with me. But now, I appreciate it more.

  3. Very nice. It gives me idea. Maybe I can try writing poem.

    • I hope that you will try, CrisBernal ! When I try a new kind of poem, even when I get it “wrong” it is still a poem ! 😀

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