Never deal with Sekhar Developers!!! Plz Beware!!!

I made the biggest mistake of my life by buying in Sekhar developers which I completely regret now. Its CEO and entire management cheat everyone royally, very arrogant and very unprofessional. They treat their customers just like a piece of sh#t once you sign the agreement. They try to cheat you in every way possible and exhibit goondaism if you revolt against them. The CEO threatens you by saying he has 200 crores worth of revenue and 500 crores worth of assets and so can go to any extent if you speak against him.


He has delayed the project by more than two years and the owners who have paid 100% amount more than a year back are yet to get hold of the amenities like Swimming Pool, Club House, and Gym. Few promised amenities such as elders garden and joggers track promised to his customers are completely missing from the project


1) He has deviated a lot in Sekhar Hydepark project and marked for 130 parking out of available 98 parking as allowed by BBMP including markings done on driveways.


2) He loots his buyers in the name of maintenance and carries on all his construction activities only with his customer’s maintenance money.


3) He does illegal things such as throwing STP water out to the adjacent land/sites.


4) He tried to sell off area above STP tanks as open car parking


5) Has employed few people to write fake 5-star reviews on google, facebook and elsewhere


6) Has written fake testimonials in the name of few owners and posted them on his website without their permission


7) He has used low-quality products such as tiles/doors/CB fittings/paints etc.


8) His workmanship especially his carpenters and plumbers are totally incompetent and pathetic with their work due to which almost all the owners suffered badly


9) He gave fake offers like Thailand trip on booking and also free interiors worth 4Lakh etc but cheated on the same once the customer books a flat.


Here are my personal experiences with Sekhar Developers. I bought flat B-G02 in Aug 2014 and has lost my peace of mind since last two years. I got cheated with the Thailand trip offered by the builder during booking. Several times we had to face the arrogance of the builder and the owners were called as “Ba#ds” by him during a meeting with owners here. In my flat, plumbing issue caused a seepage in May 2017 and spoiled my 5 lakh worth interiors including wooden flooring, grouting, wall paints etc but still, the builder has not restored my flat condition till date. In many flats, bad plumbing and seepage caused the walls to be broken and issue fixed, where the owners lost their interiors. The finishing is very bad in SHP. Please visit SHP and talk to the flat owners here before booking any flat.


It’s never recommended to invest your hard earned money in this project. Please beware folks!

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