my cousin

my litle cousin was named Zahira Damayana, she was four years old. zahira has black hair, her eyes very soft, clear. someday her mom tell to me that she was a fever and she doesnt want to eat something and that is makes her mom confusing and ask to me and ask to her friend how to make her daughter wanna to eat even only one cup of rice. actually she love to eat so much but she like this when she fever.

on this picture she was healthy before she fever, she played with her friend: vito, zaka, sakral and the other. they played on the backside home beside the river. when i capture this photo, sky is very clear so as her eyes, oh Ya Allah i can see the sky on her eyes.

anyway the dress that she wear is her mom give her if she wanna playing with her friends again. zahira has one sister named Zahra Damayana, she was ten years old now. the two of them living on my grandmother home cause of her mother is my litle sister of my mom. a little bit far from my home.

zahira has a doll that she very like, and she named the doll is yaya, yaya is well known in kids drama Boboiboy. Every she played on her playing room she also bring yaya doll with her.

She loves to eat spicy food than sweet food, she always wanna eat some food again that have spicy. Like Chili, spicy noodle, spicy fish and so on. She also loves drink coffee but only little after her dad drinking a cup of coffee. She will crying if we not give her that coffee.



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    he is so cute ..i like him

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