Hi I’m fera and newbie here

Overtwo years I’m off of the writing online cause of not find web that can make me writing online.

Anyway I’m very love nature photography especially flower photograph .

I have two niece and one nephew.. all of them are son and daughter of my brother. They very cute and lovely.

Everyday I usually capture the funny of them for my Instagram account

It’s rainy here on my home, and I can’t going to somewhere cause of there is no car that operating on their own mobile car .

You can see my Instagram account at www.instagram.com/freyahise

At that account, I have upload all of about me. I like watching Korean drama. Flower photograph, love watching runningman (Korean variety show), love my nephew and my niece . Flower picture that I have photograph is ehm:

1. Kamboja flower

2. Bougenfile flower

3. Eporbia flower

4. Cucakrowo flower

And the others,  I very like new flower im not yet captured it, especially wet flower please see this one on my account of Instagram.

About my hobby of watching Korean drama and running man Korean variety show. Later will writing here sinop about drama and running man here. One of my most lovely of episodes running man is they gone to Jogja,Indonesia at Timang beach. Very love that episode that can explore our beautiful nature of beach. And the member of that show is Lee kwang so and so min. They riding the gondola or manual gondola.

I work at government and located far from my home. Every morning I going to my office with my effort and my hope of getting new knowledge and offcourse of getting money.

Everyday I’m praying dzuhur at beside my office at religion office. And pray to Allah SWT I can get happy and rizki here.

And hopefully you all can tell me how to writing here and of course making friends here. Thank you