India and Pakistan had a meeting finally fell through

India and Pakistan had a meeting finally fell through:

The distance between India and Pakistan National Security Advisor (NSA) finally end the meeting. Yesterday, announced on Saturday night came from Pakistan. war on terror the agenda out to any other not about that New Delhi does not agree to accept terms and conditions it is Islamabad had. And that Kashmir is not an opportunity to cancel the meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that. From Islamabad to cancel a meeting New Delhi after the ‘incident’ has remarked that it is unfortunate.
On Sunday, that is, today and tomorrow, Monday New Delhi between both the parties NSA level was supposed to be a meeting. In this regard, New Delhi in the evening today was to go to the Prime Minister, defense minister, other Sartaj Aziz. There Indian National Security Advisor Ajit dobhalera with the other to the meeting to talk to him.
But this time again just before the meeting was appointed High Commissioner of Pakistan in India Kashmir Abdul Basit three Huriyat leaders invited to come to New Delhi. And this is for any invitation, Sartaj Aziz their meeting with the other to get it. However, India was being agitated by this. Even a nominal New Delhi yesterday, Huriyat leader hotel Subbir Shah besieged the police.
Huriyat NSA, another issue with the level of uncertainty was created. Yesterday Aziz Sartaj said, ‘I am still in the meeting are ready to sit down to talk. However, any terms and conditions not be met.’ He also said, ‘it is not in the meeting is not only terrorism, Kashmir issue will be discussed.’
Mainly this speech he gave to push responsibility on the New Delhi. The New Delhi Later, at the same work. The country’s Foreign Minister Purna Swaraj from the canal in the afternoon news conference said that ‘terrorism, to talk to any other issue will be Huriyat leaders.” He said that in a meeting with India and Pakistan, in the discussion on third can be
From the canal.’ After that, said that “Pakistan is going away from the discussion. At that time, and will be discussed when we get to respond to them. And for this, it only

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