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I Now Wish Skypip is the Earning Opportunity for Me

To be honest, I don’t want to believe that this site will earn me a fortune but why not? After being frustrated with two similar sites, I decided not to hurt myself again for the third time. The problem is me (you read it right). I can’t help myself from signing up on blogging sites. I mean, not just because of the earning or fame. I just needed a portal to voice out things out of my mind.

Definitely, I talk a lot..I chat a lot..I write and I read a lot. After 4 days of going offline, I decided to check my e-mail and look what I got..Skypip! At first, I had to ask myself twice if I will be joining the site and then eventually, I clicked the link.  I now hope this is for real. I also wish I will be earning my first paycheck with it this month then I’d probably be dragging my friends around here too and earn.

Earning online is a bit tough I know but with the right effort and timing, I believe we can do this. As the saying goes, “Success comes to those who work for it.”

For now, I decided to roam around the site first..visit the learning center..earn some friends and then start posting regularly. It will be a hard work posting, or shall I say writing for at least three articles per day (do you find it a little low?) but like I said earlier, it only takes a hard work. In God’s time, we will reap the fruits of our efforts. As time passes, my goals will grow for as long as I will be paid right (right??).

Welcome to me..and welcome everyone!


  1. iwrite

    Just keep on writing. It’s our passion!

    • charlynjune

      Thanks for the encouragement..yeah..we just have to keep writing..see you around..

  2. ahmed.bashir.mcb@gmail.com'


    Welcome dear let’s move forward Positively.

  3. May Rose

    Yes,let all of us keep posting and interacting.The rest is in the hands of the site owners.

    • charlynjune

      Speaking of the site owners..have you heard from them?

  4. darz2000@gmail.com'


    We are all hoping and wishing, i know we all need earnings and it is a waste of time if at the end, its nothing but atleast we share our thoughts, ideas and its our passion.

    • charlynjune

      You are right.. What is frustrating is when we don’t receive our rewards..

  5. mimi88jade

    Keep it up. Earning + Passion = Greatness. ?

  6. no.state@yahoo.com'

    You make a good point. It’s not really about the money, alone. It’s about sharing our lives and being heard. Here we are, around the globe from each other and, yet, we make this connection.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    • charlynjune

      Yeah.. Aside from Facebook, I am thankful that we have sites like this to interact with people of similar interest..

  7. SexagenarianWoman

    So, how does one make the money here? I am new, just having signed up. I have yet to figure this out.

    • no.state@yahoo.com'

      It’s the basic writing posts and then, admin says, we get paid on page views. But, either I’m only getting paid for comments from others or my page views are weak.

      But, then again, there’s less than forty posts, altogether, as of right now. So, we may just be slow to start. It’ll pick up soon, I think.

    • charlynjune

      I am not sure yet but as to my observation, we get .50 upon sign up and then earn .030 per view by fellow skypipers.. Anyway, I’ll be posting any update based on my observations.. See you around!

  8. shagunK

    I am new here and hoping the same for all of us so that we all can make good money here.

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