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Cool New Gadgets Hit The Shelves In 2016

It is no secret that everyone is embracing the promising world of virtual reality. Even though virtual reality is in its early days, there is plenty of interest shown by tech pioneers and hardcore gamers alike. As a new competitor in the electronics market, VR devices are sure to give many other devices a run for the money. The first device, Occulus Rift, owned by Facebook, has sort of revolutionized gaming and has been followed by HTC Vive and Sony’s Morpheus. The Morpheus was designed as the official VR headset for the Playstation 4.

Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus is touted to be the most momentous product launch of the decade. Samsung Gear VR headsets are different from Google Cardboard and have been bundled with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. The Gear VR comes with additional sensors that make head tracking smoother and decreases motion based disorientation. It also features a touchpad with a number of control options. This VR is totally glasses-friendly while the possibilities with it are limitless. Whether you want to watch a movie, hop on a virtual vacation or play a game, the Gear VR is an ideal companion.

Gaming markets, like the online casino gaming market for example, has also developed at an incredible pace and every month new and exciting games are launched. So it will not come as a surprise if somewhere around this year or next year, we will play mobile casino sites like, with its great “look and feel”, in our new VR device.

And then you have the Daqri smart helmet, an industrial device that doubles as a hard hat and safety goggles. The device is ideal for those working in technical fields and with heavy machinery. It is designed to project information in front of the eyes of the wearer.

Smartwatches too have made the grade with both Apple and Microsoft coming out with Apple Watch, and Band fitness tracker respectively. These two products are among the hottest in wearable devices although the Apple Watch has surged ahead of the competition. This includes pricing, design, and functionality.

There are many more amazing gadgets to look forward to this year. If you are a hardcore gamer, VR is the way to go. The future for gaming is bright and if this is what 2016 has brought us so far, we can only imagine what is coming next.


  1. Celanith

    I do not game and feel these gadgets can prove to be unhealthy especially in teens who get hooked on gaming and leave the world of reality for virtual reality there really is nothing virtual about it. Too many youth in teens and twenties are not getting out and working. Leaving home and starting career’s to support themselves and or families. I have seen young people who did start a family ignore infants who are wet, hungry and give them little more than a few minutes time. I personally know two young couples so into gaming their children did not know how to talk until age 4 there was little dialogue between parent and child. The child was an inconvenience that stole time from gaming. One young man got so ill gaming he was taken to the hospital dehydrated and starving he did not take time to eat or drink. The whole key is in the work GAME it is not real it is a game to be played with balance. Maybe an hour or two after family and meal time. For students many end up being booted from class for not fulfilling the syllabus requirements. Have seen this happen too. The game becomes their life and reality. Nothing else matters. I feel gaming needs to be taught balance and children, teens, youth need to learn that real life is not gaming or a game. Like any recreational entertainment it is fun for a short span of time a day. People should plan and schedule it in and not allow the game to pull them in to losing touch with the real world, family, children, parents, study and schooling and jobs.

    Personally I would like to see games have a time limit and then it shuts off and cannot be rebooted or reopened for several hours. I am sure with technology today that could be programmed in and make it where people cannot over-ride they program or system. Especially for teens and children or people that become addicts.

  2. stbrians

    YOW! This sounds like a world of gadgets and games. What a great change from the traditional ones

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