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Ahnaf Nizam Almuzaqi

nephew name is Ahnaf Nizam Almuzaqi. He was born at Lebong, Bengkulu Indonesia 11 September 2017. He was six years old. now he school at Raudathul athfal Kindergarten at lebong Selatan.

He was painted at Indonesian Independence Day at 17 Agustus 2017. with his teacher Deti, nora, wiwik,  riska,  liza,  depi and so on. They were at that place at home af chief of our region. I was on that place when time in 11.00 am.

that time is too late to met him. and he a bit little mad to me. while he with me at that place, we buy a motocycle at store. and i dont to bring some snack for him. anyway he was painted some who want climbing a tree that so tall. they painted that pages too late, and all of student at the kindergarten on my regency is overthere.. i forget to take a photograph much a student of the kindergarten.

the home of chief of our regency is far from their school, but they attending to there without any hesitate. they prepare all about to painting in aweek before. My nephew said, he was tired and thirsty too and of course he was hungry but he dont want to ate. he only ate the snack that i bring to there.

i was photograph and take the video about, and give some snack to his friend. they paint not at home but at the outside of the home and that place very large and beautiful place. the home are very green and wonderful to saw from that building, plant, and the other, his brother come to met him to his office with his son. and stay at my brother office.



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